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Our mission is to impart quality education incorporating the goodness of both traditional & established way of teaching as well as latest hands of teaching synonymous with global academic scenario. So that students feel an inner urge to explore the world of knowledge on their own & grasp all that is taught to them.

Our teaching methodology not only aims at coverage of prescribed them a lot of extra knowledge in every subject which aids in strengthening the basic concepts in almost every branch of knowledge so that when our students reach higher level, they are in possession of in-depth knowledge of almost all subjects.
Along with paramount emphasis on academics, a number of extracurricular activities have been planned for our students with a view to boost their creative instinct, strengthen visual & motor reflex skills & develop sportsmanship, team spirit & leadership quality among our youngsters. Students also get ample opportunities to give vent to their feelings & emotions through life situations & distinguish between right & wrong. Our teaching methodology discourages our students to cram the books & urges them to comprehend the content of the syllabus so that they may make optimum use of the imbibed knowledge most appropriately.
Our motto is to boost the student’s urge for learning which would form a positive & inquisitive attitude towards life we encourage the students to seek answers to their queries, update themselves in every stream of knowledge making wise guesses & interpret the taught matter in a unique manner. Traversing on this path will teach our students to judge their own worth, feel self-confident & comprehend that education is an exploratory voyage focused at realizing ones worthy identity in the society.
Besides, we also leave no stone unturned in adorning a child’s personality with positive traits like self-confidence, sincerity, honesty, sense of responsibility, truthfulness, leadership, sportsmanship, transparency by exposing them to a spectrum of extracurricular activities so that enhancement in their self-discipline, cultural & social values is brought about through self-introspection.
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