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A CBSE affiliated school with a distinct and successful culture of students learning together and supporting and encouraging each other to do their best. At Warren, staff works collaboratively to develop a clear, comprehensive and cohesive curriculum, to support the well being of students, and to challenge our students to reach their fullest potential.
We have developed a strong culture of learning and innovation. We offer the best learning environment with great facilities and the newest resources for our growing number of students. Students are at the centre of our approach to teaching and learning and our decision-making and we hold high expectations of student learning, leadership, participation and behaviour.
At Warren Academy School, we are committed to academic excellence and to the development of the whole person and we are proud to cultivate the diverse talents of our students. We offer an extensive program of well-established and wide range of co-curricular and enrichment activities
Students are offered an extensive range of excursions and field trips. There is an amazing range of enrichment opportunities to compete the challenges for sporting teams; participate in debating and public speaking competitions; perform in musicals; exhibit original artwork in galleries; develop fluency in languages through various competitions, programs and work to develop mathematical and scientific curiosity through practical teaching.
Warren Academy School is a vibrant place of learning and personal growth. We expect students to do their best, invest effort into their learning, and take u opportunities that arise to showcase their talents, explore their interests, and continually develop new knowledge and skills.

We firmly believe in the philosophy of learn with fun, kids are given full freedom to move around Interact, Play And Learn

Warren group of schools owes its existence to the vision of our Directors Mr. Arun Sogani and Mr. Amit Sogani whose foresight is revolutionary, quest for excellence is persistent, thirst for knowledge is insatiable and passion for growth is limitless.
The institution has successfully completed 25 years of its existence, starting from a modest beginning in 1993, carefully nurtured by a dedicated team the institution has grown and prospered over the years. The school is working under the aegis of “Warren Shiksha Sanatha”
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Mr Amit Sogani

Our Main Focus


Channelize our future generation towards confidence, competence and commitment.


While embarking on this journey school has embraced a wide range of innovative approaches in the form of projective methods of reaching and adopting system approach of education.


We are striving hard to unify the analytical ability with behavioural skills.


Our knowledge is appreciated when it is presented well and we do believe that imagination is more important than knowledge.


Hence we believe in combining knowledge information and hand skills. The school has built up a tradition which incorporates in its milieu all that is good in thought, word and deed.


We are not only focusing on Academic Excellence but on life training and catering to multiple intelligence approach of learning.
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