Affiliated to CBSE - Affiliation No. 1730457
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Mandatory Disclosure

Details of Institution
Teaching Staff
Details of Salary
Other Details
School Managing Committee
S. No.ParticularDetails
1Name of the School with address Warren Academy School
(strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) with pin code no.45-46, Saini Colony, Extension, Kartarpura, Jaipur-302015
(ii) Phone Number0141-6693333 (30 lines)
(iii) Fax Number0141-2501518
2Year of establishment of school1993
3Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained Yes
(i) NOC NumberShivira/Ma/Madhyamik/A-4/KMSB/10-11
(ii) NOC Issuing Date17-05-2010
4Is the school is recognised, if yes by which AuthorityYes, Education Depart., Jaipur Rajasthan
5Status of affiliation (Permanent/Regular/Provisional)Provisional
(i) Affiliation Number1730457
(ii) Affiliation with Board with01-04-2011
(iii) Extension of Affiliation upto31-03-2022
6Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1955.Warren Shiksha Sanstha
7Name and official address of the Manager/President/Chairman/CorrespondentMr. Arun Jain, 45-46, Saini Colony, Extension, Kartarpura, Jaipur-302015
(ii) Phone Number6693333 (30 lines)
(iii) Fax Number0141-2501518
8Area of School Campus
(i) In Acres2.0238
(ii) In Sq. Mtrs.8190.26
(iii) Built up area (Sq. Mtrs)10117.48
(iv) Area of Playground in Sq. Mtrs.2374
(v) Other Facilities
(v)-(i) Swimming Pool-
(v)-(ii) Indoor Games-
(v)-(iii) Dance Rooms800 Sq. Feet
v)-(iv) Gymnasium-
(v)-(v) Music Rooms525 Sq. Feet
(v)-(vi) Drama Room1050 Sq. Feet
(v)-(vii) Hostels-
(v)-(viii) Health and Medical Check up410 Sq. Feet
9Transport facility
(i) Own BusesYes
(ii) Buses Hired on contract basis-
(iii) Details of transport chargesAccording to distance


ClassAdmission Fee (in Rupees)Tuition Fee (in Rupees)Annual/Monthly Other Charges for Other Facilities (In Rupees)
Senior Secondary2500696006500
S.No.Employee NameDesignationQualificationPayscale
1KALPANA KAULPRINCIPALM.A, M.Ed15600-39100 (6600)
3SAPNA SINGHALPGTM.Sc., B.Ed, PhD9300-34800 (4200)
4MANUSHREE GUPTAPGTM.A., B.Ed, MBA9300-34800 (4200)
5VIVEK KUMAR SHARMAPGTM.Sc., B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
6KARAN SINGH TOMARPGTM.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
7YOGENDRA SHARMAPGTM.Sc.(Computer Sc), 'O' & 'A' Level, MBA9300-34800 (4200)
8KUNAL, B.ED9300-34800 (4200)
9RAJESH KUMAR JAINPGTM.Sc , B.ED9300-34800 (4200)
10MRIDUL SAREENPGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
11SHALIN KHURANAPGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
12REENA AGARWALPGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
13KANAIYA LAL OZHAPGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
14DEEPIKA SHEKHAWATPGTM.A , B.Ed9300-34800 (4200)
15ZARNA SANGTANITGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
16MAHENDRA KUMARTGTB.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
17ABHA SINGH PAWARTGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
18BHARTI ISRANITGTM.A., MCA, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
19REKHA KALRATGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
20MANISHA HASIJATGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
21RAJNI SHARMATGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
22RAJKUMARI KOTHARITGTB.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
23PRIYANKA JAINTGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
24BHAGWAN SAHAI MEHTATGTB.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
25SANGEETA YADAVTGTB.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
26SUNAINA AGARWALTGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
27ANJU SHARMATGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
28DEEPTI SINGHTGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
29SHRADDHA GUPTATGTM.Sc., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
30YACHANA ANANDTGTB.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
31PRERNA TIWARITGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
32POONAM RASTOGITGTB.Sc , B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
33ANUJ SINGH CHOUDHARYTGTB.Com , B.Ped9300-34800 (3600)
34KIRAN CHUGHTGTM.A , B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
35SUSHMA YADAVTGTB.Sc , B.Ed, Phd9300-34800 (3600)
36POOJA SHARMATGTB.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
37HARINARAYAN JAIMINITGTM.A., M.Ed,Ph.D9300-34800 (3600)
38NEETA SHARMATGTB.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
39KARUNA KALYANITGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
40RENU VERMATGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
41SUNITA VERMATGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
42ANITA JAINTGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
43SHIBA NARANGTGTM.A, M.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
44DEEPALI Y SHARMATGTM.A, M.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
45REKHA JAINTGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
46PUNAM NARUKATGTB.Sc., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
47BARKHA JAINTGTM.Sc., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
48KUSHAL SOLANKITGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
49NISHA KHANDELWALTGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
50RASHMI RAITGTM.Sc., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
51LALITA SAINITGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
53JAYSHRI KHANDELWALTGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
54DEEPTI MATHURTGTB.Com. , MBA,B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
55SHIKHA JAINTGTBsc, MCA9300-34800 (3600)
57NANDA SHARMATGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
58PREETI SHARMATGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
59NAGARATHNA.MTGTM.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
60RAMA CHOMALTGTMBA, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
61SHARMILA SHARMATGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
62PREETI TRIPATHITGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
63NEETU VERMATGTM.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
64MADHUSMITA SINGHTGTM.Tech9300-34800 (3600)
65NEHA SONITGTM.Com, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
66MANISH AGARWALTGT (Music)Prabhakar, Sangeet Bhaskar9300-34800 (3600)
67CHHAVI ARHATGTM.A., B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
68SONAM SONITGTM.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
69KRITIKA GAURTGTM.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
70KIRTI KHANDUJATGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
71AKANKSHA PANTTGTM.A, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
72HITESH KUMAR ARYATGTB.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
73MONIKA SHARMATGTB.Sc, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
74LAXMI AHUJATGTB.COM, B.Ed9300-34800 (3600)
75MEENA GUPTAPRTM.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
76REKHA SONIPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
77REETA MAHAWARPRTB.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
78JYOTI UPADHYAYPRT12th, S.T.C5200-20200 (2800)
79CHHAYAPRTM.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
80SWETA MATHURPRTB.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
81INDRA BRAJWASIPRTM.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
82SUNITA BENIWALPRTM.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
83MRIDULA SHARMAPRTM.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
84JYOTSNA GUPTAPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
85KAMLESH SHARMAPRTB.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
86MEENAKSHI JAINPRTB.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
87JITENDRA SHARMAPRTM.A (Drama)5200-20200 (2800)
88SEEMA BHATIAPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
89AASHA VIJAYPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
90VAISHALI GUPTAPRTM.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
91HARISH KUMAR PANCHALPRT (Drawing)MFA5200-20200 (2800)
92SHAHID HUSSAINPRT (Music)Sangeet Visharad5200-20200 (2800)
93NEELAM BHATTPRT (Music)(Sangeet) Visharad5200-20200 (2800)
94VIKRAM SANKHLAPRT (SPORTS)B.P.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
95RUCHITA JAINPRTM.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
96ARTI VIJAYPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
97USHA MATHURPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
98VIJAY LAXMI SHARMAPRTM.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
99VAISHALI GEHANIPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
100SHACHI SHARMAPRTB.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
101MAHIMA SHARMAPRTB.Com, NTT,B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
102NIHARIKA KANOJIYAPRTB.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
103RENU NAGARPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
104HEENA SAXENAPRTB.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
105TARUN SHARMAPRT (Art & Craft)MVA5200-20200 (2800)
106SHIKHA BHARGAVAPRTM.Phil (Maths), B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
107GAURAV GURJARPRT (PET)B.P.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
108DOLLYPRTB.A., B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
109ANITA VERMAPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
110SHAHINA NAQVIPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
111TANUSHREE GARGPRTMCA5200-20200 (2800)
112PRATIKSHA SHARMAPRTMCA5200-20200 (2800)
113ANITA YADAVPRTB.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
114NEETU VERMAPRTB.A, MA, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
115ANUPAMA SINGHPRTB.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
116DIVYA MATHURPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
117RITU RAJAWATPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
118VINEETA CHHONKARPRTM.A, NTT5200-20200 (2800)
119KIRTI BHARDWAJPRTM.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
120AKANSHA BHATIAPRTB.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
121REENA SHARMAPRTM.B.A, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
122SWATI YADAVPRTM.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
123PRIYA KUMARIPRTM.Sc, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
124VINOD KUMAR NAGARPRTMFA5200-20200 (2800)
125PARUL VIJAYPRTB.SC, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
126DEEKSHA BHATIAPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
127REKHA BHARDWAJPRTM.A ,B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
128KIRTI CHUGH PARNAMIPRT (Dance)M.A ( Kathak)5200-20200 (2800)
129DIKSHA SHARMAPRT (Art & Craft)B.A(Animation & Visual Effects)5200-20200 (2800)
130RUCHIKA SHARMAPRTM.Com, B.Ed5200-20200 (2800)
131RITU SHARMAOTHERS(Librarian)M.A ,M.Lib5200-20200 (2800)
132ARCHANA SINGHOTHER (Librarian)M.A., M. Lib5200-20200 (2800)
133PRIYANKA MAQUANAOTHER (Librarian)M.A., M. Lib5200-20200 (2800)
134ANUPAMA ARORAWELLNESS INSTRUCTORB.Sc (Nursing)5200-20200 (2800)
135HARSHIT CHAUHANSPECIALM.Sc. (Psychology)9300-34800 (3600)
DesignationScale of PayGrade Pay% of DAHRA
13Mode of payment of salary
(i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawingBank of Baroda
(ii) Through single cheque transfer adviceYes
(iii) Individual cheque-
(iv) Cash-
14Library Facilities
(i) Size of the library in Sq. feet860 Sq. Feet
(ii) No. of Periodicals25
(iii) No. of Dailies15
(iv) No. of reference books4305
(v) No. of Magzine18
(vi) Total No. of books16985
15Name of the Grievance/Redressal Officer withDr. A K Pandey
Phone Number0141-6693333
Fax Number0141-2501518
16Members of Sexual Harassment CommitteeMrs. Kalpana Kaul
Mrs. Deepali Sharma
Mrs. Rekha Kalra
Mrs. Preeti Kachhawa
17Academic session periodfrom April to March
18Vacation PeriodSummer Break 10 May to 30 June, Winter Break 23rd Dec to 31st Dec
19Admission PeriodDecember Onwards
20Sample of Transfer CertificateDownload
1Mr. P.K. JainChairman
2Mr. Arun JainSecretary
3Mrs. Kalpana KaulMember Secretary
4Mr. Manish JainParent's Representative
5Mrs. Anjana JainParent's Representative
6Mr. Mahendra DewatwalTeacher's Representative
7Mrs. Rekha KalraTeacher's Representative
8Mrs. Garima SwamiCBSE Principal
9Mrs. Treena ChakravartiCBSE Principal
10Mr. Anil SharmaMember
11Mr. Mridul SisodiaMember
12Mr. C.L. GothwalMember
13Mrs. Deepali Y. SharmaMember
14Mrs. Chanda DeviMember
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